SQL SERVER – Guidelines and Coding Standards Complete List Download

Coding standards and guidelines are very important for any developer on the path to a successful career. A coding standard is a set of guidelines, rules and regulations on how to write code. Coding standards should be flexible enough or should take care of the situation where they should not prevent best practices for coding. They are basically the guidelines that one should follow for better understanding.

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SQL SERVER – Simple Example of Cursor – Sample Cursor Part 2

I have recently received email that I should update SQL SERVER – Simple Example of Cursor with example of AdventureWorks database. Simple Example of Cursor using AdventureWorks Database is listed here. USE AdventureWorks GO DECLARE @ProductID INT DECLARE @getProductID CURSOR SET @getProductID = CURSOR FOR SELECT ProductID FROM Production.Product OPEN @getProductID FETCH…
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SQLAuthority News – Best Articles on SQLAuthority.com

SQL SERVER – Cursor to Kill All Process in Database SQL SERVER – Find Stored Procedure Related to Table in Database – Search in All Stored procedure SQL SERVER – Shrinking Truncate Log File – Log Full SQL SERVER – Simple Example of Cursor SQL SERVER – UDF – Function…
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SQL SERVER – Simple Example of WHILE Loop With CONTINUE and BREAK Keywords

This question is one of those questions which is very simple and most of the users get it correct, however few users find it confusing for the first time. I have tried to explain the usage of simple WHILE loop in the first example. BREAK keyword will exit the stop the while loop and control is moved to the next statement after the while loop. CONTINUE keyword skips all the statement after its execution and control is sent to the first statement of while loop. Run following examples in Query Editor and see the result. This is very easy to understand example for CONTINUE and BREAK keywords.

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