SQL SERVER – View Dependencies on SQL Server: Hard & Soft Way

As an independent database consultant, I often face a challenge when analyzing the performance of SQL Server instances, which I see for the first time in my life. In many cases, this may seem a difficult task, because in order to fix something you must first understand the database structure. A great many of the companies do not document their database. And even if documentation exists, it is rarely updated. As a result, we have the following situation – documentation is either obsolete, or does not reflect the actual state of things. Let understand SQL SERVER – View Dependencies.

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SQL SERVER – Drop All the Foreign Key Constraint in Database – Create All the Foreign Key Constraint in Database

Earlier I wrote a blog post about how to Disable and Enable all the Foreign Key Constraint in the Database. It is a very popular article. However, there are some scenarios when user needs to drop and recreate the foreign constraints. Here is a fantastic blog comment by SQL Expert…
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