SQL SERVER – FIX : Error: Msg 15123, Level 16 – The configuration option ‘advance option’ does not exist, or it may be an advanced option.

I received another email describing error received due to my executing script from my previous article . Error : Msg 15123, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_configure, Line 51 The configuration option ‘optimize for ad hoc workloads’ does not exist, or it may be an advanced option. Let us quickly…
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SQL SERVER – Find Table Row Count Without Using T-SQL and Without Opening Table

Recently I have been busy with interviewing many candidates for my organization. We are looking for some smart and experienced developers for some senior positions. I have wrote this previously SQL SERVER – Interesting Interview Questions. This blog post is about finding a table row count without using T-SQL.

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SQL SERVER – Change Default Fill Factor For Index

SQL Server has default value for fill factor is Zero (0). The fill factor is implemented only when the index is created; it is not maintained after the index is created as data is added, deleted, or updated in the table. When creating an index, you can specify a fill factor to leave extra gaps and reserve a percentage of free space on each leaf level page of the index to accommodate future expansion in the storage of the table’s data and reduce the potential for page splits. Let us learn about how to change default fill factor of index.

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