Hey DBA – Baselines and Performance Monitoring – Why? – Notes from the Field #058

In one of the recent communication with Mike, I had asked him a question that what is actually Baselines and Performance Monitoring? How do we define what is normal and what is not normal? Where do we draw lines when we talk about Performance Monitoring? Database expert Mike Walsh decided to help us with the answer of this question.

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SQL SERVER – 2008 – Location of Activity Monitor – Where is SQL Serve Activity Monitor Located

I received question from Aloke Sinha after reading my article SQL SERVER – 2008 – Activity Monitor is Empty – Fix Activity Monitor for All Users. Hello Pinalbhai, Thank you for your post about activity monitor, but I can not find activity monitor under Menu — Tools. How to activate…
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SQL SERVER – 2008 – Activity Monitor is Empty – Fix Activity Monitor for All Users

This article is an outcome of the technical discussion of activity monitor and its behavior with my friend and SQL Expert Tejas Shah. Tejas told me that he does not like to re-write content from MSDN, but rather prefer to write real life scenarios, as that prepares him to become a better SQL Expert. While discussing about Activity Monitor he informed that it throws an error when there is a permissions issue. He has even blogged about how to give permissions to user to launch activity monitor on his blog . Tejas asked me to write on the same subject for SQL Server 2008. Here is the article covering the discussion I had with Tejas.

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