SQL SERVER – Unable to Install Reporting Service Add-In for SharePoint – System.ArgumentException

There are so many components in SQL Server and sometimes there is an error in installing components which I have not used at all. One such component is SSRS with SharePoint. To use this, we need to install Reporting Service Add-In for SharePoint. In this blog, we would see how to fix error System.ArgumentException which was encountered during the installation of Reporting Service Add-In for SharePoint.

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SQL SERVER – SharePoint not Working After Failover to Another Node

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong while Murphy is out of town. While I was onsite to help a client, one such issue had cropped up in their SharePoint environment where SQL Server was used as backend and was a part of Windows failover cluster. When SQL Server was failed over from Active to the Passive node, users were not able to connect to SharePoint site and they were not able to open any SharePoint page. Since it was critical for their business, I got engaged to provide suggestions.

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SQL SERVER 2016 – WARNING: Setup Limited to Reporting Services for SharePoint

I have a habit of generally reading the “What’s New” section whenever a new version is around in the block. This is a great way to actually check, learn everything that is getting released in a nutshell. These often don’t just mean we can master them in that single page, but it gives us enough information to start our journey for exploration. Let us learn about Setup Limited to Reporting Services for SharePoint warning.

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