SharePlex – Efficient and High Performance Replication from Oracle to Kafka

Ask any DBA what is their dream infrastructure and I promise you that they will narrate immediately a story which will be centered around no downtime and amazing performance. However, when you ask them if they know what exactly will make them happy as well as run their business most efficient, why are they not going for it? The usual answer is budget. If we ask DBA to presume there is an infinite budget the next answer is Good Tool. In this blog post, we will discuss how we can replicate data from Oracle to Kafka and efficiently and quickly. 

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Win Apple Watch Series 4 and Solve SQL Server Performance Problems

Ask any DBA what would they love to monitor in their SQL Server and I promise you that you will get quite many different answers to this question. Though every DBA would love to see their server always up upon asked what exactly they would like to watch you will see different answers to the popular question. I have previously blogged about it over here: Solve 3 Biggest SQL Server Performance Challenges with Spotlight. Today, you can download Spotlight and Win Apple Watch Series 4.

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Oracle to SQL Server Data Migration and Replication – Budget and ROI

My primary job is to help various organizations design scalable architecture which can provide robust performance all the time. I love my job very much when I have complete freedom to make the decisions to build elaborate infrastructure. However, not every time I am allowed to do what I want to do because every CEO and CTO are concerned about one thing – “Budget and ROI (Return of investment).”

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Detect and Diagnose SQL Server Performance Issues with Spotlight Cloud

The number one challenge for any DBA with their SQL Server is the performance. Every user wants their applications to run faster. When DBAs and Developers start building an application, it usually runs faster as there is no real workload running over it. Often DBAs and Developers do stress testing with the third party tools or by simulating the workload. However, honestly, when an application goes live, the entire scenario is very much different. It is near impossible to predict the usage pattern and workload distribution in any application once it starts to grow. Today we will discuss how we can detect and diagnose SQL Server Performance Issues with Spotlight Cloud. 

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Scalability and Availability Challenges and Shareplex Solutions

If you ask any DBA in the world about their wildest dream, they will always say that want to manage a huge database platform which is scalable whenever it needs to and available always. If you are a DBA, you will agree with the statement. Every DBA who is going home after a day-long work only dreams that a) he does not have to wake up mid-night and b) the first task next day is not to worry about the capacity of the server. Let us learn about Scalability and Availability Challenges and Shareplex Solutions.

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New Trends and Challenges in Database Administration

In the previous blog posts, we discussed the evolution of the DBA along with the challenges, changes and their upcoming trends. Data is the most critical part of any application. The changing nature of the data always brings new challenges to DBAs. New age DBAs now have to do many different tasks than before. Along with running the system at the most optimal settings, DBAs now have to get their hands dirty with development, DevOps, NoSQL technology as well as help organizations to migrate to the cloud.

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