Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Max Degree of Parallelism Settings and Slow Performance

My primary source of income for me is the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check for any application using SQL Server. Recently, I was hired by a large organization which was struggling with the poor performance of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They had recently upgraded their SQL Server to the latest version of SQL Server and were facing slow queries, slow loading of the pages as well as white screens in the applications.

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SQL SERVER – Parallel Redo on AlwaysOn Secondary – DIRTY_PAGE_TABLE_LOCK

As most of you might know that my expert area in SQL Server in performance tuning. But, I also deal with almost every issue related to SQL Server engine. Many times, it so happens then clients call me for performance tuning and while fixing, we see some other problem. In this blog, we would learn about Parallel Redo on AlwaysOn Secondary causing new waits which were introduced in SQL Server 2016.

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