SQL SERVER – Maintenance Plan – Could not load type ‘Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts. Runtime.Wrapper. IDTSPackageSigning100’ from Assembly

One of my client was unable to modify the maintenance plan using SSMS. When we did various tests, we found that existing maintenance plans could execute and work. We tried creating a new maintenance plan and found it to be working. So, our issue is confined to “unable to modify existing plans”. Here is the error message

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SQL SERVER – FIX Error: Maintenance plan scheduled but job is not running as per schedule

This was one of the interesting issues I solved in many days. One of my clients contacted me and told that they have scheduled a maintenance plan to take t-log backup at 10 PM but it’s not running. When we look into the job history, it was not showing any history. Some problem statements like these are interesting because they look trivial and simple – yet they are convoluted and not straightforward to solve. Let us learn how to solve Error “Maintenance plan scheduled, but the job is not running as per schedule”

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SQL SERVER – Unable to Open Maintenance Plan in Management Studio

The most queried topics in this blog have been around troubleshooting or which solve specific error messages. I always feel when I see something new as messages, I try to check if this is available here using the search page. If these are not there, then I go about documenting what were the steps I took to actually solve the given problem. Once I successfully solve the problem about Unable to Open Maintenance Plan in Management Studio. I go about documenting the same back into as a blog post so that I will be able to find the same in future reference.

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