SQL SERVER – Understanding JSON NULL Value Using STRICT Keyword

Playing around with the new capability of SQL Server 2016 has been a fun journey. Even after a year, the discovery keeps happening every single day that I work with it. When I wrote the post around NULL values getting returned, lesser did I know there have been folks who work on this feature. Let us learn in this blog post about JSON NULL Value Using STRICT Keyword. Do make sure to read the other blog too:

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SQL SERVER – Understanding JSON Use is Case-Sensitive

The things I get to learn from my daughter is amazing. I think all of us need to constantly explore without any prejudice and set biases. Whenever I get a new toy for some occasion, I see there is at least a half hour of exploration to understand how the toy works and she goes into a whole new world of searching new ways to play. This makes the whole experience worth it. Let us learn about JSON.

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SQL SERVER – Fix Error Msg 13603 working with JSON documents

Working with new data types is something we need to evolve. In this blog, I have written on a number of articles on JSON which you can take a look at. I wanted to write about some of the interesting errors one will get when using JSON custom paths. This is something I stumbled accidentally when using JSON constructs. Let us see how to fix error 13603 while working with JSON documents.

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SQL SERVER – Fix Error Msg 13602 working with JSON documents

My saga of working with JSON documents and finding out the various errors continues. With JSON being one of the new data structures introduced inside SQL Server 2016, I have been exploring to how these are fundamentally different from using the FORXML constructs. The more I have been working and testing with this capability, the more similarities I am seeing in them. Coming from a generation of working with SQL Server for more than a decade, I try to explore and learn the new concepts keeping some reference. This helps in faster learning and can accelerate the way you work with the new concepts.

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SQL SERVER – Error Fix: Msg 13601 Working with JSON Structure

As you new versions of SQL Server come, the amount of capabilities just increases exponentially. It is tough to keep up in pace with the innovations and learning that one needs to go through. I have in the past written few articles around working with JSON over the blogs earlier. These games of playing with the new capabilities will show up tons of errors as we are not completely aware of what is possible. These experiments lead you from learning to another.

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SQL SERVER – 2016 – Check Value as JSON With ISJSON()

I have been wanting to write about the various operators that govern to use JSON and my first shot has been with: SQL SERVER – Getting started and creating JSON using SQL Server 2016. That was like a primer and as I see the subsequent releases of SQL Server 2016 CTP’s, I see more capabilities have been added to this. One of the most important tasks to do is to access the value that is represented in a JSON document. In this blog, let me talk about one of the most important function that can be used to validate / address if the document entered in JSON or not with the help of ISJSON().

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