SQL SERVER 2016 – InMemory OLTP LOB Datatype Enhancement

My exploration with SQL Server 2016 features are just continuing and I am delighted every other day to figure out something new been added to the capabilities which in the opinion were of limited capacity in the prior versions of SQL Server. I will spare the ranting exercise for now but will look at some of the things that caught my attention in my recent exploration with SQL Server InMemory OLTP enhancements.

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SQL SERVER – InMemory OLTP Migration Assistant Powershell Script

In one of my recent interaction with my client, they were so much impressed with the fact that SQL Server has now introduced the ability to use In Memory OLTP. They said they were interested in implementing the same in their environment for a number of applications. The hardware refresh was due and they were also upgrading a number of their legacy applications which were hosted on SQL Server 2005 to the latest version as that was also due. In this blog post we will learn about InMemory OLTP Migration Assistant.

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SQL SERVER InMemory OLTP: Understanding Optimistic Multi-Version Concurrency Concepts

InMemory is an awesome concept and I have been fortunate to learn about the same from my friends in the industry over blogs. It holds deep concepts and is sometimes tough to understand how the building blocks come together. I am not the only one doing the exploration, but a number of you also do and pass those learnings to me via your interesting questions. Thanks to each one of you who take a moment to ask me some of these questions that shake the fundamentals and make my understanding stronger. In the same lines, one of the readers wrote back to me after reading the MSDN on InMemory OLTP, what does the concepts of Optimistic multi-version concurrency really mean. On first thought, it looks simple, but the question was very loaded.

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