How to Check Status of Instant File Initialization? – Interview Question of the Week #184

Question: How to Check Status of Instant File Initialization?

Answer: This is a follow-up question of the previous blog post which I shared earlier. Please read this blog post before reading this blog for complete information: How to Check If Instant File Initialization Enabled or Not?

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SQL SERVER – How to Check If Instant File Initialization Enabled or Not?

The question such as this makes my day during the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. One of the DBA asked if there is an easy way to know if they have Instant File Initialization Enabled or Not for their server. Honestly, this is a very simple question but there was no quick answer to this one before SQL Server 2016. However, if you are using SQL Server 2016 or later version of SQL Server, you can figure out the status of the instant file initialization pretty quickly.

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SQL SERVER – Why We have Audit Trace in DATA Folder? What are These Files?

There are many times when a DBA should work like a detective and find the cause of the issue which is reported by various teams. Sometimes it is an application team, sometimes an infrastructure team and sometimes its own learning. I always believe looking at the data points and finally connect the dots to make a story. Let us learn about why we have audit trace in the data folder.

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SQL SERVER – Installation Error – File Format is Not Valid

The reason I love consulting is because I get to see many flavors of the problems. This new avatar for me is pushing the limits to how I keep learning technologies. My recent interaction with client has shown one more error and another angle to look at a problem. Though some of these errors are new, it is a great way to understand how SQL Server actually works. In this blog post we will see Installation Error.

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