Azure – Which One to Get – Standard Disks or Premium Disks

During Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I have recently a very interesting experience with an Azure. In this blog post, we will discuss which disks are preferred for performance – Standard Disks or Premium Disks. Well, honestly my answer here is very simple Premium Disks.  If you stop reading this blog post over here, I am totally fine as well.

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SQL SERVER – Always On Availability Group Failover Generating Dump. Error: 17066: SQL Server Assertion: HadrFstrVnnUtils.cpp:479

One of my clients was using Always On availability group. They were having 3 nodes Always On AG setup. For simplicity, let’s call them Node1, Node2 and Node3. The first two nodes were in one subnet and node3 was in separate subnet. Let us learn about availability group failover. 

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SQL SERVER – Too Many SQLDump Files Consuming a Lot of Disk Space. What Should You Do?

It is not a normal behavior of SQL Server to generate minidumps. It is like a stress signal in SQL. When there is something “unexpected”, SQL Server kills the SPID and generates a dump. There are situations where SQL threads are not yielding (“Non-yielding Scheduler”, “Non-yielding IOCP Listener” or “Non-yielding Resource Monitor”) and there would be data needed to diagnose the problem later, so a dump is generated. These dumps are in the folder which has ERROLROG files. They can be triggered manually also using SQLDumper.exe for SQLDump.

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SQL SERVER – Errors When Disk Space is the Reason

In the past, I have written a number of blogs when it comes to working with errors pertinent to disk space running out. In this blog, I try to consolidate the common messages you are going to see in the Error logs when the database engine is not able to get the space that it needs from the disk subsystem. One of the common scenario’s where these are seen is while recovery operation (when SQL is restarted).

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SQL SERVER – Backup Randomly Failing with Error 112 (There is not enough space on the disk.)

Solving puzzle is something everyone would love to do. It gets our creative thoughts and the things that it challenges how we can solve problems. Recently I bought a puzzle which my kid had to finish in her school holidays. I was amazed to how complex it was. I saw that my kid and wife had taken almost a week to solve it. But once they finished, the expression in their faces to show-off was amazing. I felt it was worth every penny I had spent on it. Few people like detective series because of the same reason. And I also got a similar chance while working with a client in the recent past. Here is the puzzle which they wanted me to solve for Error 112.

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SQL SERVER – Identify Disk Latency on SQL Server Box Using PowerShell

Couple of week back, I was playing around with using Powershell for some simple activities. The fall out of that was the ability to search the SQL Server Error Logs. Though we can search for anything, I just showed you a case of usage. In this blog post, I will talk about one of the most sought after request for searching what the disk latencies are. Let us see a powershell script for for Identify Disk Latency on SQL Server Box.

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