SQL SERVER – Wrap SQL Code in SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #038 – Video

Every developer has a different habit. Some like to format the functions in upper case and some wants it in lower case. I often see developers listing the columns in SELECT clause in a different way. I have my own preference but I do respect the other developer’s preference as…
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SQL SERVER – Take Database Backup using SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #037 – Video

Whenever I am suggesting something which changes how database works or the existing status of the database, my suggestion along with it is to take the database backup before making such changes. If the changes are in configurations, that can be easily revert but if the changes are such that it will impact the data, I always suggest to take backup. The nature of this blog is such that we have readership from readers with different expertise, some are experts and some are novice.

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SQL SERVER – Select and Delete Duplicate Records – SQL in Sixty Seconds #036 – Video

Developers often face situations when they find their column have duplicate records and they want to delete it. A good developer will never delete any data without observing it and making sure that what is being deleted is the absolutely fine to delete. Before deleting duplicate data, one should select…
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SQL SERVER – Concat Strings in SQL Server using T-SQL – SQL in Sixty Seconds #035 – Video

Concatenating  string is one of the most common tasks in SQL Server and every developer has to come across it. We have to concat the string when we have to see the display full name of the person by first name and last name. In this video we will see…
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SQL SERVER – Auto Recovery File Settings in SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #034 – Video

Every developer once in a while facing an unfortunate situation where they have not yet saved the work and their SQL Server Management Studio crashes. Well, you can minimize the loss by optimizing auto recovery settings. In this video we can see how to set the auto recovery settings.

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SQL SERVER – Display Datetime in Specific Format – SQL in Sixty Seconds #033 – Video

The need of developer changes as geographic location changes. In SQL Server there are various functions to aid this requirement. There is function CAST, which developers have been using for a long time as well function CONVERT which is a more enhanced version of CAST. In the latest version of SQL Server 2012 a new function FORMAT is introduced as well to display datetime in specific format.

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