SQL SERVER – Get SQL Server Version and Edition Information – SQL in Sixty Seconds #043 – Video

What do consultants do when they come across any new instance of SQL Server? Well, their very first question is what version of SQL Server is it? The reason is simple – SQL Server is a very vast product and each version of the product have new features released and…
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SQL SERVER – Generate Random Values – SQL in Sixty Seconds #042 – Video

Though it looks simple it is very difficult to generate random numbers which one can’t guess. There are many different ways to generate random values in SQL Server. I have previously blogged about it over here where I have demonstrated five different methods to generate random values in SQL Server.…
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SQL SERVER – Autocomplete and Code Formatting Tool – SQL in Sixty Seconds #041 – Video

I love to write code, and I love well-written code. When I am working with clients, and I find people whose code have not been written properly, I feel a little uncomfortable. It is difficult to deal with code that is in the wrong case, with no line breaks, no white spaces, improper indents, and no text wrapping. The worst thing to encounter is code that goes all the way to the right side, and you have to scroll a million times because there are no breaks or indents. Let us see blog post about Code Formatting Tool.

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SQL SERVER – TRIM Function to Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces of String – SQL in Sixty Seconds #040 – Video

Trim is one of the most frequently used operation over String data types. A developer often come across a scenario where they have the string with leading and trailing spaces around string. If your business logic suggests that the logs around the spaces are not useful they should be trimmed. However, in SQL Server there is no TRIM function. When a TRIM function is used it will throw an error.

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SQL SERVER – Send Email From SQL Server – Configure Database Mail – SQL in Sixty Seconds #039 – Video

Let me start this blog post with negative note: SQL Server is not mass mailing software. If you are thinking of sending emails using SQL Server instead of your mail server – I suggest you stop doing that NOW! Whenever, I see any application using SQL Server as a mail…
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