SQL SERVER – Database Mail Error: The SMTP Server Requires a Secure Connection or the Client was not Authenticated. The Server Response Was: 5.5.1

Have you ever configured database mail using Gmail account? There are many articles on the internet describing the steps. In this blog, we would learn about fixing an error “The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated” which you might see when database mail is used. Note that this can also appear for non-Gmail setups also. So, here we go.

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SQL Authority News – Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours 2018/4/4 – Fun Experience

It was my pleasure and honor that I was invited to the Brent Ozar Unlimited Office Hours. During the office hours, we received quite a few interesting questions, some were very complicated and some were super fun. However, the best part of attending the office hours was the company. I was fortunate to have Brent, Richie, and Tara along with me in this office hours. Please note that the questions which we discussed during the session were asked live.

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SQL SERVER – sp_readrequest – Long Running Process

Just another day while doing performance tuning engagement, Senior DBA of the organization and I both noticed that one of the SP sp_readrequest is continuously listed as long running SP. Well, the good part was that it was not taking too much of the resources. The page read and write were pretty low and the SP was not blocking anything at all. Initially we decided to ignore this SP as there were quite a lots of other things which we needed to take care to get maximum performance of the server.

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SQL SERVER – Script level upgrade for database ‘master’ failed – There is already an object named ‘DatabaseMailUserRole’ in the database

SQL Server troubleshooting topics seem to be the most searched for in this blog. In continuation to this, blog for today is also inspired with one such error message. Some time back I have written below blog which talks about the upgrade script mode of SQL Server: SQL SERVER – Login Failed For User – Reason Server is in Script Upgrade Mode

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SQL SERVER – Stop Growing MSDB Database by Removing sysmail_mailitems History

Received an email “Need your urgent help On Demand, our MSDB Database has grown too big and we need help to check our sysmail_mailitems table. We are also facing performance issues.” I have been an independent consultant for a while and one of the services I provide is “On Demand (50 minutes)” service. This service is very helpful for organizations who are in need immediate help with their performance tuning issue. Though, I have set working ours for my regular clients, every single day, I keep two hours available for this particular offering. This way, I can make sure that anyone who urgently needs my help, can avail the same.

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SQL SERVER – Database Mail Breaks with TLS 1.0 Disabled Discovery – Notes from the Field #128

[Note from Pinal]: In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Ryan Adams explains a very critical error related to Database Mail. Ryan is one guy who spends more time with real world issues with SQL Server than anything else. He has mastered the art of resolving complex errors and document them so easily that one can’t find anywhere else. In this blog post Ryan addresses a very interesting error related to Database Mail Breaks with TLS 1.0 Disabled Discovery. Read the experience of Ryan in his own words.

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