SQL SERVER – 2005 – Licensing Model Compared to Other Database Products

Yesterday on this blog I wrote about SQL SERVER – 2005 – Understanding Licensing Model. I have received many questions about pricing and comparing SQL Server with other RDBMS. One of the reason I like SQL Server because I am strong believer of licensed software usage and SQL Server is…
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SQL SERVER – Top 10 Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance for SAP

Top 10 Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance for SAP By Takayuki Hoshino SQL Server provides an excellent database platform for SAP applications. The following recommendations provide an outline of best practices for maintaining SQL Server database for an SAP implementation. 1) Perform a full database backup daily 2) Perform…
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SQL SERVER – Generic Architecture Image

Just a day ago, while I was surfing Wikipedia about SQL Server, I came across this generic architecture image. I found it interesting. Click on image to view it in large size. The physical structure of the database is divided into the MDF and LDF. The part of MDF contains file group, data files, tables and indexes, extended and page. The LDF file contains a transaction log file. The physical architecture is about how the data is actually stored in the file system. Page, extend, database files are physical architecture.

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SQL SERVER – Database Interview Questions and Answers Complete List

Update: I have updated this article series and newly updated article series is over here. If you are subscribed to my blog you will know that I receive request to send Database or SQL Server very frequently. Following is list of articles of my questions and answers series. Download SQL…
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