SQL SERVER – Stored Procedure sp_datatype_info to Get Supported Data Types

I get to work with various different versions and environment when I am busy with my clients with Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. While I work with different customers often I forget what data type is supported by which version of SQL Server. Here is a small quick trick, I use all the time when I need to know what are the different data types supported by the version I am working with.

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SQL SERVER – Identify Datatype Using SQL_VARIANT_PROPERTY Function

One of my client of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check sent me the following email about SQL_VARIANT_PROPERTY Function. I really love my job as SQL Server consultant as I get to learn most of the new stuff or discover the hidden knowledge nuggets which I have discovered. Today’s problem is one such problem which I had never come across till I was asked this question by my client. 

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