SQL SERVER – Unable to Connect to SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine from SSMS on On-Premise Machine

From past few months, I am seeing a few of my client moving their development workload to Cloud. When I asked the reason, it was mostly cost reduction in terms of hardware lifetime, licensing and connectivity advantage and their developer can work from anywhere. In this blog post, we will learn about how to fix error related to Azure Virtual Machine. 

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SQL SERVER – Always On Availability Group Error 35250: The Connection to the Primary Replica is Not Active

Along with my performance consulting, I have also assisted many clients in fixing some quick issues. You can refer for various consulting services which I provide. During my consulting with various clients about Always On deployment, one of the commonly reported errors as below.  (I have changed the AG Name, Node names to be more generic). Below came when we used the wizard to create an availability group. Let us learn how to fix error related to primary replica. 

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