SQL SERVER – Script – Turn off Firewall Remotely (PowerShell, NetSh, PsExec)

I was working with a client to deploy an automated solution to install SQL Server. Since this involved scripting and running PowerShell remotely, we wanted to disable the firewall. Due to automation, we were not supposed to log in to the server and use UI. So, I search on the internet and found a few ways to do that. In this blog, I am going to share scripts which can turn off the firewall remotely.

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SQL SERVER – Database Mirroring Login Attempt Failed With Error: ‘Connection Handshake Failed. An OS Call Failed: (80090350)

While Microsoft has introduced an AlwaysOn availability group feature in SQL Server 2012 and people have been using it instead of database mirroring. In this blog, we would learn how to fix error Database Mirroring login attempt failed with error: ‘Connection handshake failed. An OS call failed: (80090350).

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How to Check Status of Instant File Initialization? – Interview Question of the Week #184

Question: How to Check Status of Instant File Initialization?

Answer: This is a follow-up question of the previous blog post which I shared earlier. Please read this blog post before reading this blog for complete information: How to Check If Instant File Initialization Enabled or Not?

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SQL SERVER – How to Check If Instant File Initialization Enabled or Not?

The question such as this makes my day during the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. One of the DBA asked if there is an easy way to know if they have Instant File Initialization Enabled or Not for their server. Honestly, this is a very simple question but there was no quick answer to this one before SQL Server 2016. However, if you are using SQL Server 2016 or later version of SQL Server, you can figure out the status of the instant file initialization pretty quickly.

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