SQL SERVER – FIX: Install Error: A Network-Related or Instance-Specific Error Occurred While Establishing a Connection to SQL Server

One of the most common connectivity errors which I have heard about it is “A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server.” In this blog, we would learn about how to fix this error if it comes during the installation of SQL Server.

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Get-AzureStorageBlob: The Remote Server Returned an Error: (403) Forbidden. HTTP Status Code: 403 – HTTP Error Message: This Request is Not Authorized to Perform This Operation

I was working with one of my clients and they wanted to clean up old backup blobs from Azure. I have already blogged and shared my script. In this blog we would learn how to fix error: (403) Forbidden – This request is not authorized to perform this operation. SQL SERVER – PowerShell Script – Remove Old SQL Database Backup Files From Azure Storage

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SQL SERVER – Error in Validation: Listener in Workgroup – Unable to determine if the computer exists in the domain ‘WORKGROUP’

There are many deployments where I have assisted my clients in creating Always On Availability Groups. Sometimes they come to me with special requirements, based on their infrastructure, and I always learn from them. In this situation, my client was trying to create a listener in a workgroup, and it was failing with error: Unable to determine if the computer ‘ListenerName’ exists in the domain ‘WORKGROUP’

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SQL SERVER – Read Only Routing Error: Client Unable to Establish Connection Because an Error was Encountered During Handshakes Before Login

I have helped many clients in deploying Always On Availability Group. Based on their requirement they keep using additional features provided by availability groups. This time they wanted to use always-on availability group read-only routing feature. Their goal was to offload read-only workload to the secondary replica. This was failing with error: Client unable to establish a connection because an error was encountered during handshakes before login.

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