SQL SERVER – Columnstore Index Cannot be Created When Computed Columns Exist

Explorations working with SQL Server never stop and I get an opportunity to learn something every other day. Today I thought of bringing pout some learning that happened to me by accident. As I was not sure and assumed certain things, these came as a surprise learning for me. So let us see what is the issue at hand, which is about Columnstore Index and Computed Column.

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SQL SERVER – Computed Column and Conditions with Case Statement

When I do not find anything on my blog, I write a blog post about it, so next time I do not have to recreate the scripts from the beginning. Just another day, I was doing performance tuning for an organization, I had to create a computed column with CASE statement and I suddenly realize that I do not have such a script on my blog so I decided to write a blog post on this subject.

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