SQL SERVER – How to Recover SQL Database Data Deleted by Accident

In Repair a SQL Server database using a transaction log explorer, I showed how to use ApexSQL Log, a SQL Server transaction log viewer, to recover a SQL Server database after a disaster. In this blog, I’ll show you how to use another SQL Server disaster recovery tool from ApexSQL in a situation when data is accidentally deleted. You can download ApexSQL Recover here, install, and play along. Let us learn about How to Recover SQL Database Data Deleted by Accident.

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SQL SERVER – How to Survive on Free Tools for Month – Database Comparison Done Easily with ApexSQL Diff

ApexSQL Diff is a SQL Server database comparison software with a free Community version and Windows Azure SQL database support. To compare Windows Azure SQL databases in ApexSQL Diff selects “Database” as the data source type and a destination. Select the SQL Server Authentication and type the SQL Azure server name, user and password. Select databases from the list of available databases and click the Compare button.

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