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SQL SERVER – Clustered Index on Separate Drive From Table Location

How to improve performance of SQL Server Queries is a common topic of discussion among many of us. Much has been said, much has been discussed. Few days back, I had an interesting discussion with one of the Junior developers regarding performance improvement of SQL Server Queries. We discussed on how by using a separate hard drive for several database objects can right away improve performance. I suggested him that non clustered index and tempdb can be created on a separate disk to improve performance.

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SQL SERVER – Effect of Normalization on Index and Performance

Of late, I have been using Twitter quite frequently, and I am gradually discovering its usefulness. I received a Direct Message (or DM in terms of twitter) asking if I can comment on the effect of normalization on the Index and its performance in one twit! Now honestly speaking, this was new for me. I never expected to be quizzed like this. If you are using Twitter, then you must be aware that one twit contains only 140 characters. I was supposed to give answer on such a big subject in just 140 letters. An interesting fact is that normalization and the Index are not really closely related. The right question should have been – what is the effect of normalization on performance?

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