When create or alter SQL object like Stored Procedure, User Defined Function in Query Analyzer, it is created with following SQL commands prefixed and suffixed. What are these – QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON/OFF and ANSI_NULL ON/OFF? SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO--SQL PROCEDURE, SQL FUNCTIONS, SQL OBJECTGO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF…
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SQL SERVER – What is New in SQL Server Agent for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

I came across this interesting and detailed article ‘What’s New in SQL Server Agent for Microsoft SQL Server 2005‘ on Microsoft TechNet. This article describes Security Improvements, New Roles in the msdb Database, Multiple Proxy Accounts, Performance Improvements, Performance Counters, New SQL Server Agent Subsystems, Shared Schedules, WMI Event Alerts,…
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SQL SERVER – SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases (February 2007)

The samples download provides over 100 samples for SQL Server 2005, demonstrating the following components: Database Engine, including administration, data access, Full-Text Search, Common Language Runtime (CLR) integration, Server Management Objects (SMO), Service Broker, and XML Analysis Services Integration Services Notification Services Reporting Services Replication The samples databases downloads include…
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