Life Lessons – Understanding Your Customer

A couple of weeks back, I wrote a blog around – Life Lessons – Are There Rules for Interacting With Customers. This has been just to write out what I had in mind and how I approached a customer in general. These are not rules written on stone, but are more of a methodology which I have made for my own self when interacting with customers. Trust me on this, over time you mature and tune this whole process while interacting with customers.

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Podcast – Conversation With Author – Serving a Benevolent Master

I had amazing fun time earlier last week when I was interviewed by prominent podcaster Dave Rael. He is amazing interviewer and knows how to get secret information from the people. He had asked me indeed very, very difficult question in the podcast. I consider myself as a good speaker, but there were many moments when I fumbled to answer the questions immediately. I think the reason for the same is simple – the interviewer Dave was too good.

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