Celebrating 17 Years of SQL Authority: A Beautiful Journey of Learning and Sharing

Today, I am feeling very thankful and a bit surprised. It’s been 17 years since I started SQL Authority. This journey was about learning, sharing, and growing. Today, with 5734 blog posts, over 201 YouTube videos, more than 56 Pluralsight courses, numerous conference talks, and many Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check sessions under my belt, I celebrate this significant milestone.

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The Beginning

Looking back, it’s amazing to see that what started as a small idea to share SQL Server knowledge has grown into a globally respected platform for SQL Server Performance Tuning. All of this began with a simple thought: to freely share knowledge and help others elevate their skills.

The Journey – 17 years

Over the years, SQL Authority has become a one-stop platform for everything related to SQL Server. I have covered everything from the basics of SQL Server to advanced performance tuning techniques. The YouTube videos and Pluralsight courses provide a complete learning experience. The blog posts serve as a rich resource for anyone seeking to enhance their SQL Server knowledge.

To me, it’s not just about sharing knowledge—it’s about building a community of learners and professionals. I have hosted many sessions at different conferences, sparking open discussions and exchanges of knowledge.

The Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check sessions have been particularly fulfilling. Assisting various organizations in resolving their performance issues and contributing to their success stories is a privilege.

A Tribute to My Pillars of Support

My journey of 17 years wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of my wife, Nupur, and my daughter, Shaivi. They have been my constant source of strength and inspiration. Their patience, understanding, and encouragement have been crucial in my journey. I genuinely appreciate their love and support.

Expressing Gratitude

I am fortunate to have received immense support from many individuals. I am particularly grateful to (alphabetically ordered):

  1. Brent Ozar
  2. Grant Fritchey
  3. Rick Morelan
  4. Steve Jones 
  5. Tim Radney

I must mention my dear friend Eric Darling, who always helped me to co-pilot our technical journey. It’s important to note that while these individuals have had a profound impact on me, I am grateful to every single SQL expert and learner who has supported me. Every bit of encouragement and knowledge shared has helped me grow.

Looking Ahead

As I step into the 18th year, I remain committed to my mission of sharing knowledge and helping SQL Server professionals enhance their skills. I plan to continue this journey, adding more valuable resources to the platform.

The future looks promising. I look forward to learning new topics, hosting more interactive sessions, and continuing the one-on-one sessions.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • congrats!

  • Congratulations, man! It’s been an honor to know you and see how committed you are to giving back. You rock.

  • Congratulations, Pinal! I subscribed to your blog nearly ten years ago, and I have learned one thing or two from you over the years, including some taught troubleshooting occasions. Thoroughly appreciated the learning experience from your sharing!

    Thank you, and congrats again!

  • Congrats and thank you for all the blogs when I started to deep dive SQL Sever


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