Strategies for Data Intelligence, Data Governance and Data Operations

Data intelligence and governance is at the heart of your organization’s ability to know your data, protect and guide its usage, and ensure it can be trusted and available at the right time to fuel your decisions and action.

Strategies for Data Intelligence, Data Governance and Data Operations questempower-800x184

Data operations are the foundation needed by data-driven organizations to efficiently modernize data infrastructure, optimize systems performance, and deliver applications that empower the business.

I will speak on the following topic on November 2, 2022 at 12:00 PM ET.

Achieving Cost-effective SQL Server Performance Tuning in the Cloud

Every organization wants applications to run faster and, at the same time, wants to reduce the cost of the operation. While DBAs and Developers want more resources so their queries do not face performance bottlenecks, CIOs/CTOs and IT Managers are looking for opportunities to reduce costs. Unlike on-premises infrastructure setup, every resource on the cloud has recurring expenses. In this session, we will focus on tuning our queries and servers to run highly efficiently with limited resources when deployed to the cloud. At the same time, IT Managers will learn valuable insight into cost savings without compromising performance.

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