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Recently I had the opportunity to help a client with Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, and while working together we ended up in a very interesting situation where they had one database without an owner. As there was no owner, it was not possible to open that database in the SSMS. We had to find Owner of the Database and change it later on. Let us see how we can do that with the help of T-SQL Script.

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Script – Find Owner of Database

    name AS [Database Name], 
    suser_sname( owner_sid ) AS [Database Owner Name]

Now if you see any database without any owner, you can easily change the owner to your preferred owner. Here is the script for the same.

Script – Change Owner of Database

USE [YourDB]
EXEC sp_changedbowner 'sa'

Here I have selected the user as sa but in the real world, you should select the most appropriate user for this database.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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  • Andrey Samykin
    May 3, 2022 8:09 pm

    This script works also:
    EXEC [YourDB].dbo.sp_changedbowner ‘sa’ /*obsolete*/


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