SQL Authority 15 Years of Blogging and Upcoming Changes

Today I complete my 15th year of blogging at SQLAuthority.com.  Additionally, today’s blog is the 5547th blog.  I am truly honoured that many are reading my blog after 15 years.

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Initial Vision (15 years ago)

When I started this blog 15 years ago, I was very new to writing and blogging. As the matter of fact, I started this blog as a personal bookmark or a diary. I was writing new stuff as I discovered them and kept on compiling them in one place. I was not aware of the search engine or any such discovery tool. I never thought anyone will ever read what I have to write on the blog.

However, I am overwhelmed with all the support and love I have received all these years. It was a fabulous journey and one of the most rewarding ever for my professional and personal growth.

My Experiment of Last Year

Till last November 1st, I was blogging every single day. However, last year I changed my blogging frequency to 5 days a week, taking weekends blog free. It was an experiment and I wanted to see how my users react to it. I spend my weekends building SQL in Sixty Second video series. The response to this series has been phenomenal.

I have built over 40 good quality SQL videos since last year and they are very well received. I got tons of comments on YouTube and a great amount of business as well.

I see lots of people started to send me emails to convert my existing blog posts to YouTube as well. I can clearly see the shift in the preference of users. DBAs and Devs want to have a visual experience of the text format. Well, I must accept the change.

Upcoming Changes

Based on my 1-year experiment last year, I am changing a few things with the blog this year. Instead of 5 days a week, I will be now blogging 2 or 3 days a week. I will spend my remaining time building exclusive online content for YouTube which I will also share hear with you all.

I will be also focusing more on my newsletter and will try to send one newsletter a week. You can also subscribe to my newsletter over here.

Let me summarize how you can stay in touch with me if you want my content every single day.

My Dear Readers

My dear readers I would like to once again thank you for your kind support for the past 15 years and many more years to come. I am confident that you will support the blog with the same positivity as you have done in the past. Cheers to blogging and YouTubing!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Pinal,

    You deserve all the accolades and praise you receive and much more. For 15 years you have been a mentor and a beacon of light to many of us, guiding us through more aspects of SQL server than most would dare to tackle. I appreciate every tip, script and insight you have shared and the concepts you have made clear. You have helped me throughout the years with your blogs and videos of which I am grateful. Looking forward to much more learning.
    Live long and prosper!

  • Congrats on 15 years. Look forward to your new videos

  • I have found answers to questions many times over the years in your blog. Thank you for doing this and sharing your experiences and knowledge. I am happy that I got to meet and know you Pinal.

  • Coagulations for 15 years as blogger. Each and every your post helped me in my career.


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