Quest EMPOWER Virtual Conference 2021

I am extremely excited to share the news that I will be speaking at Quest EMPOWER Virtual Conference 2021 held on date November 10–11, 2021.

The Quest Empower Summit includes three unique tracks – Data Operations, Data Protection and Data Governance – with sessions about the latest trends, best practices and technologies to align these critical areas and close the gaps between your front and back offices.

Quest EMPOWER Virtual Conference 2021 QuestEMPOWER-800x478

Here is the good news, I will be presenting my session on November 10th with none other than Brent Ozar.

Title: Quick tips & tricks for SQL Server performance
Abstract: You’re responsible for making your SQL Server or Azure SQL Database go faster. You have a short attention span, and you like fast-paced, lighthearted sessions that cover a lot of ground quickly. In this session, Pinal Dave and Brent Ozar will share a rapid-fire series of some of their favorite tips and tricks for slow queries. We’ll jump around between indexes, execution plans and SQL Server settings.

Trust me this is going to be one of the most fun sessions, I have ever-present. every single time I present with Brent, it is just too much fun and a lot of good knowledge sharing. I strongly suggest that you register for this session. Even if you are not available on that day, I suggest you sign up for this as you will get the recording of the session.

Do not forget to register for the Virtual Conference 2021.

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