Best Value for Maximum Worker Threads – SQL in Sixty Seconds #170

Best Value for Maximum Worker Threads - SQL in Sixty Seconds #170 170-MaxWorkerThreads-yt-800x450 A very common question I often receive during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is what is the best value for Maximum Worker Threads. Well, I have finally decided to write an answer to this one. In most cases, it is Zero (0). Yes, you heard it correct, zero.

In this SQL in Sixty Seconds Video, we will learn about Best Value for Maximum Worker Threads and why it should kept to be zero most of the time. Additionally, we will also focus on the logic of the default value for the Maximum Worker Threads.

Here is the video.

The script used in this video is as follows:

SELECT cpu_count, max_workers_count
FROM sys.dm_os_sys_info

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