CPU, Linux and Shutdown – 3 SQL in Sixty Seconds Video

Last week, I had published 3 videos on CPU, Linux, and Shutdown. I received lots of good feedback on each of them and also got lots of questions. Let me answer the questions here today.

Get CPU Details – SQL in Sixty Seconds #164

You can watch the blog and video here.

Q: What is the right number of the MAXDOP for my machine?
A: There is no right answer to this, however, if your workload is a transaction, I suggest you keep it in lower single digits.

Q: If I increase the CPU in my machine, will I get more performance?
A: If you are running out of threads, increasing CPU may help but if your MAXDOP is incorrect, you may get poor performance as you increase the CPU.

Q: Will higher clock speed improve query performance?
A: It may or it may not. I personally do not recommend this practice in my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

Shutdown SQL Server Via T-SQL – SQL in Sixty Seconds #163

You can watch the blog and video here.

Q: Is Shutdown better than stopping service?
A: Ultimately both return us the same result. However, command Shutdown waits for all the processes to complete before it shut down the server.

Q: Can I start the server from T-SQL?
A: No, it is not possible to start or restart the server from T-SQL as it only works if SQL Server is up and running.

Q: What do Shutdown do behind the scene?
A: It does three things before stopping SQL Server services 1) Disables logins 2) Wait for processes to complete 3) Performing Checkpoint for every database.

SQL Server on Linux – SQL in Sixty Seconds #162

You can watch the blog and video here.

Q: Is Linux better than Windows for SQL Server?
A: I can’t say this one. While Linux is easy to manage, I have seen a similar performance on both machines.

Q: When I upgrade my Linux SQL Server what will happen to my data and log files?
A: They will be just there fine, just like windows SQL Server update, the only application is updated in Linux.

Q: Can I install SQL Server on Docker?
A: Yes, you can do that too. Here is my previous blog post on the topic:

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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