Slow Running Query – SQL in Sixty Seconds #146

Slow Running Query - SQL in Sixty Seconds #146 146-SlowQueries-coveryt-800x450 One of the most popular questions I often receive during Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check is if I have a script that lists Slow Running Query. Yes, I do have the script and it has been blogged SQL SERVER – Long Running Queries with Execution Plan.

In this blog post, I will show quick SQL in the Sixty Seconds video which will explain to you how to find the slow running query.

I often discuss with my client that the query which we think is slow may not be a slow query at all and what if it requires that much time to execute. The real use case of the script which I have explained in the video is that you can measure the query performance at one point and compare that performance with a different time and see if it has any improvement or not.

Performance in the real world is a very strange world and I have previously build a video on that topic in this blog post where I explain that there are many different parameters of performance and it can be evaluated very differently. You can watch this video: Performance Challenge – Write Efficient Query – SQL in Sixty Seconds #140. I hope you enjoy this video on slow running query.

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