Efficiency Trick – Query Shortcut – SQL in Sixty Seconds #143

Efficiency Trick - Query Shortcut - SQL in Sixty Seconds #143 143-QueryShortcuts-yt-800x450 Earlier I blogged about SQL SERVER – Query Shortcuts, lots of people asked me about the actual process. Based on the feedback, I have built a new SQL in Sixty Seconds video which describes how Query Shortcut works and how we can change them.

Here is the video about the Query Shortcuts.

I personally see lots of people not aware of the features and SSMS. I am hoping that more and more people use this feature and increase their efficiency while working with SSMS. You can also put your most frequently ran stored procedures here and by just typing a few keyboard shortcut ran them efficiently.

Here are a few recent blog posts which you may find interesting.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com

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