Priority Boost and Performance – SQL in Sixty Seconds #131

Priority Boost and Performance - SQL in Sixty Seconds #131 131-PriorityBoost-yt-800x450 Enabling Priority Boost does not mean that you get performance from your SQL Server. It may be quite opposite. Learn it with the help of the official documentation in this SQL in the Sixty Seconds video.

If you look at the term priority boost, you may think this feature may be related to improving the SQL Server Performance but I can tell you confidently from my experience of  Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check that honestly instead of enabling when I disable it, we get necessary performance.

Here is the official Microsoft documentation which describes that the Priority Boost feature will be not supported in the future and it is a good idea to disable it on the server. Microsoft documentation also suggestions that we should not use this feature in the future as well.

In this SQL in the Sixty Seconds video, we discuss how we can check the current status of the configuration and how we can disable priority boost for our server.

If you are looking for the script used in this demonstration, you can easily find them over in the following blog posts.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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