Cycle Clipboard Ring – SQL in Sixty Seconds #129

Copy (CTRL + C) and Paste (CTRL + V) are the friends of the DBAs and Developers. However, sometimes we need more help with copy and paste. There have been moments where I have felt that I should copy and paste and multiple values one after another but I should not be able to keep on going back and forward. Honestly, in SQL Server it is totally possible if you use the feature of the Cycle Clipboard Ring.

You can see how this works in action in the attached SQL in the Sixty Seconds Video. The copy of the string is straight forward with the help of the (CTRL + C). However, the paste requires an additional step of (CTRL + SHIFT + V).

In SQL Server Management Studio this is available under the Edit field. Here is the screenshot for the same for Cycle Clipboard Ring.

Cycle Clipboard Ring - SQL in Sixty Seconds #129 cycleclipboardring

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