What Happens If the Clustered Index is Disabled? – Interview Question of the Week #291

Question: What Happens If the Clustered Index is Disabled?

Answer: If you disable the clustered index, you can’t retrieve data from the table. Technically the entire table goes offline, till you rebuild your clustered index.

A clustered index is actually table itself. When you disable it, it will disable the access to the table.

If you want to enable the Index, there is no enable index command. You will have to rebuild it and I have to build a video about that concept here.

I have previously blogged about this concept and I have also provided the detailed script for the experiment. Here is where you can read more about this topic.

Please do check if the index is disabled or enabled when you get an error which is listed in the blog post above. You can reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. If you have any question, please leave aa comment.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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