Patch Your SQL Server – SQL in Sixty Seconds #100

Patch Your SQL Server - SQL in Sixty Seconds #100 100-Version-coveryt-800x450 When did you last time patch your SQL Server? I often discuss this question with my clients of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I get many different kinds of answers. When I recently asked this question to my friend Binod, he was really not sure what version of SQL Server is he running or where you can check if there are any further updates to the software.

Here is the video where I explain how you can figure out which version of SQL Server you are running on the production and how you can get the latest patch for the same.

Here is the command you can run on your SQL Server to figure what version of the SQL Server are you running.

SELECT @@Version

Next, you can go to Latest updates for Microsoft SQL Server from Microsoft and find your product version and if you find that you do not have the latest version of SQL Server service pack or cumulative update, you can download from it and install it.

Many often like to wait to install cumulative updates to their server as there have been instances when there are modifications to the updates, so if you are one of them, I totally understand. You can wait for weeks, or months till you feel comfortable. However, it does not mean that you never install any patches.

Most of the cumulative updates and service pack contains bug fixes, security patches and feature enhancements, hence I suggest at regular interval you should patch your SQL Server.

Here is the question for you – what version of SQL Server are you running and what is your service pack or cumulative update?

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