How to Uninstall SQL Server 2019 Instance? – SQL in Sixty Seconds #093

How to Uninstall SQL Server 2019 Instance? - SQL in Sixty Seconds #093 93-SSMS2019-Uninstall-800x450 Earlier this week, I had posted a video about how to install SQL Server 2019. I received lots of comments and feedback about this one. Many people said that they have realized that installing SQL Server 2019 is very easy but the real challenge is to uninstall SQL Server 2019 instance. Let us learn how we can do that in today’s SQL in the Sixty Seconds Video.

Uninstall SQL Server 2019 Instance

While installing is straight forward with the help of the installer. The uninstaller for SQL Server is hidden under the control panel’s Add or Remove Programs. Once you find the option go to SQL Server and right following that you can follow the video tutorial which I have shared in the video attached here.

Now when you are uninstalling SQL Server 2019, instance make sure that you do not uninstall all the shared components which are installed on your SQL Server because, if you have another instance installed on the same server, you may accidentally delete the component that is using make it not operational.

Here are the best practices which I follow while I install SQL Server 2019.

  1. Always install SQL Server on the dedicated machine which is not shared with any other resource-intensive software or application.
  2. Make sure that antivirus is either disabled on the server or is not scanning the SQL Server data/log files
  3. If possible keep your data and log file on the separate physical drive while planning storage. If you are using the SAN or virtualization, the story is entirely different and I will write a separate blog post about it.

Well, that’s it for today. Please do like and subscribe to my channel. I will be frequently posting new videos which are relevant to the SQL Server world. If you want me to build video on any topic, just leave a comment on this blog post.

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  • Thanks Pinal Dave! You the real MVP!
    Microsoft really needs to have a separate tool that states uninstall instance, then shows the window to select the instance to remove it.

  • Thanks for your video. It is simple and understandable.

    I have a question. I uninstalled an instance from my MS SQL 2019 but folders (DATA, JOBS, Logs) and files have been left behind under C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL15.myinstancename\MSSQL. Is it safe to delete manually all these folders/files?


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