SQL in Sixty Seconds – Need Your Feedback

I have been writing about SQL Server Blog for over 13 years now and I have been also creating various different videos on SQL Server Performance Tuning topics. I have recently decided to spend more time in building the videos and have created three videos in the last three weeks. It is time when I need your feedback.

Here are three recent videos.

Need Your Feedback

Each of the videos has been created with new techniques and different tools. It is about a time when I hear your feedback. Here is where I need your feedback on three topics.

Q1: Do you like to see me talking on the screen or you want the only screen?

There have been mixed opinion about few readers on this topic, while most of the people said they like to see me talking and explaining the demonstration, there have been few who reached out and said they would prefer more structured PowerPoint and demonstration way.

What is your preferred method?

Q2: Do you want a longer video or length less than 3 minutes is enough?

I have been reading that attention span of all us have been reduced to a few minutes or even a few seconds. I personally have lots of content where I can talk for hours and days at a stretch, I have been carefully creating videos which are less than 3 minutes and often just about 60 seconds.

It puts a lot of pressure on me to build a shorter video rather than a longer video, which conveys the same thing. However, the advantage of the longer video is that it gives time to users to observe the content slowly.

What do you prefer, shorter bite-size multiple videos or a longer one video?

Q3: Do you want to see occasionally other topics than SQL Server like MySQL, MongoDB, Quantum Technology?

While I have focused primarily on SQL Server in my video series, would you be interested to see other technologies on my channel? If yes, please let me know what topics would you be interested and I will focus on them.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section or just reach out to me directly at my email address pinal @ SQLAuthority.com

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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