Open Source Cloud – Final Post

Today we are going to see the final post on the open-source cloud series which I have been writing for over the last 10 days. Here is the list of all the blog posts:

ere are the blog posts in the series which you can read in order to learn more about this topic:

Open Source Cloud - Final Post opensourcecloud0-800x738

If you are CTO, CIO, or CXO who is responsible to move your organizations to the cloud you should read the blog posts listed above. We have discussed from the basics concepts like what is a cloud, cloud computing, and continued to the advanced concepts like Open Source cloud. We explored various available open-source cloud and different layers for the same. Right following it we also discussed the clicked list of how to select the best possible open-source cloud. Finally, we discussed as a CXO what are the steps you should take to get started with your journey to the cloud.

If your organizations are not on the cloud, you should consider introspecting in your technology stack and applications as I am very confident that there will be set of application which will be more suitable for cloud and there will be set of tools which are best kept at on-premises. The Hybrid Open Source cloud is the future and eventually, we all are going to use it one way or another way.

Before I end up my summary post, I must say if you are going to go on the cloud there are three things you must remember

Cloud is inevitable

Cloud is not cheap

Cloud will change your job profile and change is good! 

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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