What are Different Types Cloud Deployments?

This is the third post in the series which captures my notes with various CXOs during the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. Today we are going to discuss the various different types of cloud deployments.

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What are Different Types Cloud Deployments? clouddeployments-800x438

Different Cloud Deployments

I am confident that now you know the basic concepts of what is cloud and how cloud computing works. Now is the time to discuss the deployment types of cloud deployment and how they get eventually managed. There are four different types of cloud deployments.

Private Cloud: In this kind of deployment server, data center, infrastructure, and pretty much everything is completely dedicated to a single organization.

Public Cloud: In this kind of deployment servers are stored in one or multiple data centers and most resources are shared by multiple organizations. The virtual machines provide multitenancy, where multiple tenants (organizations) rent server space in their own virtual environment within the same server.

Hybrid Cloud: In this kind of deployment there is a mix of public, private, and on-premises legacy servers. Most of the organizations where I do consult, I often find the hybrid cloud. As the organizations grow and develop their applications they usually start expanding their business on the cloud and this leads them to start with the hybrid cloud. I personally believe that nowadays every single organization out there is using hybrid cloud knowingly or unknowingly.

Multi-Cloud: While multi-cloud is a very popular term out there, it is just nothing to buy a mix of all the cloud models discussed above. Instead of building the solution from a single cloud provider if an organization build its solution based on multiple cloud public cloud provider, it is commonly called multi-cloud. It is also possible that multi-cloud may be also hybrid cloud and just like that, a hybrid cloud may be also a multi-cloud.

Well, the above four are the most popular cloud deployments. I have met many individuals who say multi-cloud are essentially hybrid cloud and want to group every cloud from different providers into a hybrid cloud category, I am totally fine with the same.

Now so far we have only discussed the cloud, cloud computing, and cloud deployment, tomorrow we will be discussing the open-source technologies.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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