SQL SERVER – Fixing Freezing Activity Monitor

The other day I had a very interesting experience while working with my client on Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. While doing performance tuning, I personally prefer to use DMVs and DMFs but for the visualization easiness client preferred Activity Monitor which due to some reason was Freezing suddenly for him. After a while, we figured out a solution for the same and it was a simple permission issue.

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Freezing Activity Monitor

While working together DBA from my clients’ side noticed that the Activity Monitor was freezing for a few servers. It was indeed a very interesting problem. After a while, we figured out that it was just a permissions issue and very easy to fix it. Let us see how we were able to fix it with the help of images.

Type Wmimgmt.msc to the command prompt or in windows search.

Go to Properties of the WMI Control.

Open WMI Control Properties.

Go to CIMV2 in namespace under ROOT.

Click Add to add your username to the security group.

Add your username to the security group.

Give all the necessary permission to your user and click on OK.

Well, once we added our account for which Activity Monitor was freezing to WMI the issue went away and Activity Monitor started to work perfectly fine. Well, such a simple solution to the complex looking problem.

Here are six-part blog post series I have written based on my last 10 years of experience helping with the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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