SQL SERVER – Always On Listener Not Coming Online – Failed to Create New NBT Interface, Status 1450

During the recent consulting engagement Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check with my client, one of the DBA was busy with Always On deployment. He asked me if I can help him with some pointers. Since I was able to fix it and learned something, in this blog I would share my learning about fixing error “Failed to create new NBT interface, status 1450 “in cluster log while creating the “IP Address” resource.

SQL SERVER - Always On Listener Not Coming Online - Failed to Create New NBT Interface, Status 1450 NBTinterface-800x461

The situation was that DBA was creating Always On availability group and he was creating listeners also at the same time. After watching the cluster manager while he uses the Wizard and presses the “Finish” button, we found that it was an IP Address resource that was going to a failed state. Hence, I asked to create only an availability group first and then add the listener later.

Once the availability group got created, we tried creating Client Access Point in cluster manager and as expected, IP address resource failed to come online. We generated Cluster logs to find the exact error message. SQL SERVER – Steps to Generate Windows Cluster Log? The relevant portion of the log is pasted below. I have removed some details to make it easy to read.

ERR [RES] IP Address <Cluster IP Address>: Unable to create new NBT interface, status 1450
ERR [RES] IP Address <Cluster IP Address>: Failed to create new NBT interface, status 1450. Deleting stale NBT device from cluster database
INFO [RES] <Unknown Resource>: Successfully deleted NBT interface information from database, status 0.
ERR [RHS] Online for resource Cluster IP Address failed.
WARN [RCM] HandleMonitorReply: ONLINERESOURCE for ‘Cluster IP Address’, gen(96) result 5018/0.
INFO [RCM] Res Cluster IP Address: OnlinePending -> ProcessingFailure( StateUnknown )
INFO [RCM] TransitionToState(Cluster IP Address) OnlinePending–>ProcessingFailure.


Line # 21 and 2 show the actual error, which is what I mentioned in the blog title. Whenever I see the NBT interface in the error message I always remember NetBIOS over TCP (NetBT). Here is the screen is taken from the internet which shows the setting. This is the properties windows on IP address resource in the cluster.

To solve this problem, we disabled “Enable NetBIOS for this address” and after that, we were able to bring IP address online and the issue was resolved.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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