Online Recorded Class – SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop

SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop is one of my most popular training. Every month I get tons of requests to deliver this class but there is a limitation of how many classes, I can deliver in person. That is why I have converted my most popular training to Online Recorded Class.

Online Recorded Class

One of my most popular services is the Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. I get quite many requests every month to help people to tune their servers. While I help people to tune their servers, I also learn from them the common performance troubles. I personally categorize every single performance troubles in two different areas 1) Product Limitations and 2) Knowledge Limitations.

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Fixing Knowledge Limitations

If there are any product limitations, they can be either fixed by product team or future updates. However, the most interesting challenge is Knowledge Limitations. There are so many performance tuning issues, which can be easily fixed by just simple changes in your configurations, settings, indexes, schema or how you write queries.

I have collected all the knowledge limitations issues in a spreadsheet for many years. Some issues eventually got removed from the list as we all learned about the issues and some issues surfaced on the top as they were not so common knowledge.

Fixing Maximum Performance

Right next to that I have to build a list of fixes that give maximum performance to the SQL Server. It was a very easy thing to do as I have been doing SQL Server Performance Tuning for quite many years and I have ready script and fixes for the common performance issues.

Building a Trade Secret Training

Now the next task was the most interesting task for me. I have to map the Knowledge Limitations Fixes to get Maximum Performance. It was indeed difficult to come with what to keep and what to remove from the learning material. I have created 4 different versions of my training and delivered them to 12 different organizations. I collected various feedback from all the attendees as well as collecting feedback from the same team after 30 days of the training. This helped me to get a comprehensive view of what actually worked for them from the training.

After over 7 different iteration and over 9 months of the discovery process, I was able to come up with one training which received the best possible feedback consistently for over 4 months from 9 different organizations and 130 attendees.

I finally converted the same training to the online recorded class and it is now available for you to watch it online at your convenience. The class contains around 3 hours and 49 minutes of unique content which is considered as absolutely Trade Secret for SQL Server Performance Tuning Consultant.

Online Recorded Class – Instant Learning

The entire workshop is recorded and available to you for 30 days from the day of purchase. It is a password protected video. Just enter the valid password and you will it will instantly play the video. If you do not have a password, you can purchase the video for 30 days of unlimited views. Once the payment is completed, you will receive the password in 8 hours (most of the time in less than an hour) at your registered email address. Along with the password to watch a video, you will also receive All the Performance Tuning Scripts discussed in the class. Additionally, you will get free access to the Slack support group where you can ask questions related to the workshop as well as network with fellow graduates from the workshop.

Click to read more about the Workshop and Agenda.

1 Hour Free SQL Server Mentoring

If you pay for the class before Dec 31, 2020, I will personally connect with for 1 hour of FREE SQL Server Mentoring session where we can discuss pretty much anything about the workshop to your personal SQL Server health. This is a very rare offer and as my time costs money, I will be not able to offer this to you beyond May 07.

Remember, this is a limited time offer and you may not see it again in the near future.

Register – Unlimited Viewing / Unlimited Sharing

Here is how you can register for this class:

  • Signup for the Class Here
  • You will get instant confirmation of the payment
  • Within 8 hours you will get personalized access to the class
  • In a separate email, you will get an invitation to connect for 1 hour of free consultation
  • If you register before January 31, 2020, your colleagues and co-workers can watch the course for unlimited time for the 30 days from the date of purchase.

Please note that during 1:1 free consultation hour, you can also invite your teammates for discussion as well.

Register Now

If you have any questions, connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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