SQL SERVER 2019 – New Values in Sys.Configurations

Since the release of SQL Server 2019, I have written quite a few blogs about this release. In this blog, we would see the new options available in sys.configurations catalog view. If you are not familiar with this, then you need to correlate this with the values available in sp_configure.

SQL SERVER 2019 - New Values in Sys.Configurations configurations-800x144

Here is the way I figured out the new values. I have multiple SQL Server instances running on my lab server. I used SQLCMD mode in SSMS to get the output of sys.configurations from both SQL Servers in the same query windows.

:connect (local)\SQL2017
select count(*) from sys.configurations
:connect (local)\SQL2019
select count(*) from sys.configurations


SQL SERVER 2019 - New Values in Sys.Configurations sys.config-2019-01

This means that there are six new options added in SQL Server 2019 from the previous version (SQL Server 2017) in sys.configurations. The names are as following:


1.Column encryption enclave type
2.tempdb metadata memory-optimized
3.ADR cleaner retry timeout (min)
4.ADR Preallocation Factor
5.allow filesystem enumeration
6.polybase enabled

Here is the information for a few settings which I could find on Microsoft documentation.

I didn’t find any information about ADR related setting (#3 and #4). I think they are for the Accelerated Database Recovery feature but how to use them is unknown to me as of now. I will share it via the blog if I learn more about it.

Here is the blog post series earlier I wrote about how we can get read of the parameter sniffing as well as improve the performance of SQL Server when it is struggling with the incorrect cache plan stored.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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