Why Attend 21 Essential Scripts: Performance Tuning for Everyone?

It has been the entire year since I am doing various road tour with my training – 21 Essential Scripts: Performance Tuning for Everyone. I have been presenting on this topic for about a year and now is the time that I put it to the rest. My final delivery of this topic will be at Techorama, Netherlands. If you are in Europe you still have time to register for this final pre-con session.

Here is the reason, why you should consider registering for this class of 21 essential scripts.

21 Essential Scripts

Why Attend 21 Essential Scripts: Performance Tuning for Everyone? 21scripts-800x533

Reason 1: Practical Information

In this course, there is no useless theory, which you will never use. Let me ask you

  • Have you ever opened a book when your SQL Server is running slow?
  • Have you ever opened any PowerPoint slide when your application has slow down?
  • Does your boss understand that you need time to dig deeper into the database before you can provide solutions?

If the answer is NO, I believe this course is for you.

In this course, we have no PowerPoint and no boring theory. We will understand everything with either practical demonstrations or drawing on the whiteboard. There is no space for a boring theory which you will not use when there is a slow SQL Server Performance.

Reason 2: Deal Cracker and Myth Buster

Just like any matured programming language platform SQL Server has many myths involved in them. There are so much incorrect information out there it has become impossible to filter out the incorrect information from the correct information.

Do you believe any of the following to be true –

  • Index reduces the performance of the SELECT statement even when they are not used. (Proof)
  • Table Variables are created in the TempDB and not in Memory. (Proof)
  • Views are bad for your SQL Server Performance. (Proof)

If your answer is YES to all of them, you are on the right path. However, if you say No to any of the above answers or say It Depends, I think you have been living in a fairy tale stories.

Reason 3: No It Depends!

In this session, you will not hear the word It Depends and I expect when you attend this high energy training and not say the words – It Depends. SQL Server world is pure science and there is no it depends – all are science. Some people use the word It Depends quite often making it sound very funny but that is really not something you will see in this training. We will learn how you can take a SQL Server problem and break it down scientifically and systematically and ways to fix the problems.

Yeah, you will learn the real deal, efficiently and easy!

Sign up Now

If you are in Europe the final delivery of this in-person course is going to happen on September 30 at Techorama, Netherlands.

I will be continuing to offer this session online for the rest of the year 2019 for private training. If you are interested in signing up training for your organizations, you can advanced book this training. Send me an email at pinal@sqlauthority.com for scheduling the delivery of this class. The price for this high energy unique training is USD 4000.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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