Read What My Clients Say About Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check

I have been doing Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check for over 10 years now and during the last man years, I have helped 1000s of servers and hundreds of clients with their SQL Server Performance-related issues. I am very fortunate that my clients find my consulting services very helpful and carefully crafted for their need. I indeed get a kick out of my profession when I receive testimony from my clients.

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Here is the link where you can read what my client’s say about me – Read Testimonials.

Here are a few quotes from my clients with whom I have worked on Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

By the time our session was done, he had identified the culprits for making our system unbearably sluggish. After implementing his recommendations, our system now runs upwards of 90% faster.
We are forever grateful to him and his commitment to provide his customers with an unsurpassed service.
He also shared with us several scripts to help us diagnose and apply performance improvements in the future by ourselves.
Excellent value for money and highly recommended!
He was helpful explaining complex system in a patient, calm manner and I knew he could be trusted.
He help me breathe new life into a tired database.
We saw a marked improvement immediately after performing some of the index changes.
Would highly recommend his services because he doesn’t just fix your system he will teach you how to maintain your system for years to come and give you the tools you need to make it happen.
Punctual, friendly, informative and ultimately worth every penny.
While other providers were telling us to spend large sums ($50,000+ usd) on a new server, Pinal was able to get our CPU usage down from 60% average to 10%.
I can’t recommend Pinal enough… he’s at the top of his game, client-focused, results-driven and is a gentleman of the highest order.

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