SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop – Discovery Phase – In Person Training

Everyone wants to learn SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop but the challenge is the methodology of the performance tuning has changed quite a lot but many of the traditional training is still prisoner with the older methods of SQL Server performance tuning. In this blog post, we will discuss Discovery Phase which I spent before I built successful SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop.

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Discovery Phase

I think this was one of the most difficult time for me. I had spent over 6 months in the discovery phase to understand what currently industry has to offer and what I should have included in this course.

Here are the various activities which I had done during the discovery phase.

Attend In-person Performance Tuning Classes

For the six months, I had decided that I will be attending as much as In-person Performance Tuning Classes as many I can. This actually was an extremely expensive experience for me as I had to fly out of the country multiple times and stay at hotels and pay for the training. I think I will never do this again, this was not the fair use of my money. As I am an independent consultant, I pay for everything on my own but if my organizations were paying for me, I would have not opted for this as it is just a waste of the money.

I also noticed that as it was in-person class, the trainers were also feeling pressure to make it multiple days classes leading to lots of basic and known material which would not prepare attendees for any critical situation when they face in the real world.

My Experience from In-Person Classes

  • Expensive Travels
  • Expensive Hotel and Food bills
  • Expensive Local Transports
  • Multiple Days Content
    • A long introduction to the topic
    • For completeness too much basic content
    • The long day leading to no after study
    • Content for older versions of SQL Server
  • Away from Real Work
    • Distracting real-world issues
    • Losing active work hours or wages (Consultants)
  • No Recordings so No Follow-Up Self-Learnings
  • No Networking Event
  • Missing Peer Learning Opportunities

How Students Prefer to Learn

During the training, I talked to quite a lots of fellow students/attendees and continuously gathered their feedback about their preference and their goals for the classes. After talking to many different people of different capabilities and focus, here are my learnings from the attendees.

Attendees would really prefer following –

  • Easy on Basics (unless it is an introductory class)
  • Demos based on Recent SQL Server Version
  • Sharper Learning – Direct to the Point
  • Fewer Slides and More Demos
  • Relevant Learning
  • No Digging Skeleton from Past
  • No Waste of Money by Travel
  • Learning from Peers
  • Repeatable Learning – Recording

I made up my mind that I will make sure to incorporate the above methodology in my SQL Server Performance Tuning Workshops.

Well, after attending multiple in-person training, I decided that I will not spend my own or my organizations’ money on in-person training. I started to look for the online training options SQL Server Performance Tuning.

Call to Action – Free Performance Tuning Consultation

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  • Your Co-worker can learn for free (any 1)
  • 1 Hour Free Follow Up Free Performance Tuning Consultation
  • USD 400 Discount for Complete Health Check

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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