Techorama Netherlands 2019 – 0 (Zero) to Hero: 21 Essential Performance Scripts for Every DBA #TechoramaNL

I will be visiting Techorama Netherlands and will be presenting my most popular pre-conference on September 30, 2019, at 9:00. The topic of the pre-conference is 0 (Zero) to Hero: 21 Essential Performance Scripts for Every DBA.

If you are in Europe and have never attended this event, I strongly suggest you attend this session. I have build brand new presentations based on SQL Server 2017 and 2019 to presenting during this pre-conference session.

Techorama Netherlands 2019 - 0 (Zero) to Hero: 21 Essential Performance Scripts for Every DBA #TechoramaNL techorama-800x534

FREE Recorded Class

As this pre-conference is not recorded, if you register for this class, you can get FREE access to my most popular recorded class SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop worth USD 1000 for FREE for one month.

Yes, you heard it correct. If you register for this class, you get almost twice the value of the class instantly. It is an amazing deal and you must not miss it.

Content of the Training

This demo-oriented a day-long session will revolve around a storyline of an organization where various performance tuning issues shows up. We will assume the role of newbie and discussion 21 essential scripts which can come handy while working with SQL Server performance issues.

The basic philosophy behind this session is that every day should have a personal favorite script toolbox which they can use it when they face adverse situations. We will go over various details about how to build such scripts which are database server independent.

A very common workflow for fixing any performance problem is in two steps:
Part 1: Run Diagnostic Queries
Part 2: Run Problem Resolving Queries

We will take the above workflow and play the role of a new employee in the organization. This day-long session will be divided into these two major sections

1) How to Solve Common Performance Issues – Reactively?
a) Resource Bottlenecks – IO, CPU, Memory
b) TempDB and Contention
c) Identifying Slow Running Queries
d) Indexing Issues and Quick Fixes
e) Wait Stats and Queries
f) Statistics and Execution Plans
g) Live Plans *

2) How to Solve Common Performance Issues – Proactively?
a) Index Strategies *
b) Database File Deployments
c) Resource Governor and Alerts
d) In-Memory OLTP Optimization *
e) Query Store *
f) Temporal Tables *
g) Azure Enhancements *

The list item with * will discuss SQL Server 2017/2019 concepts.

Register for Techorama

We will end the session with a hands-on exercise assigned to attendees. The Techorama session will have a unique role-playing style of presentation. We will have a big story arc with two sub story lines.

This session will not be recorded as it is an in-person event. Here is the link to register for this event. I strongly suggest you register for Techorama session.

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